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Another new year is upon us, and as Lori at Barefoot in High Heels reminds me, it is time to make those dreaded resolutions. Every year I struggle to find something that I can stick with throughout all four seasons. Lately, I seem to catch little clips from the morning shows and Oprah about unleashing a new you. Most of these segments begin with intentions of weight loss. They all review the same information from last year’s show, such as eat right, exercise regularly, and get adequate sleep. All three are things to which I should devote time in the New Year. With those in mind, I’ll make my top ten list.

1. Eat better. (I’m not as enlightened as some with their nutritional mumbo jumbo, but I can cut back on fatty and sugary foods and replace them with more veggies.)

2. Exercise regularly. (I’ll be honest. After having two babies within nearly a year of one another, I was amazed at how the weight came off just by not having time to eat. But now, the weight is off but things are, well, um…let’s say they are “out of place”. So I just told the hubby I’ll be making a date with our treadmill as much as possible to put those wandering parts back in line.)

3. Get sleep. (This one is easy. The kids are sleeping now, and I’ve been staying up late relishing time to read, watch TV, and fall asleep on the couch in a hazy cloud. But I’ve been meaning to back up my bedtime by about an hour. The goal now is 11:15, right after the local weather report.)

4. Drink water. (Two pregnancies back to back found me carrying bottles of water everywhere I went. I was a good girl. I drank like a fish. Now, I enjoy one can of pop a day. Not so bad, except that I haven’t been drinking water throughout the rest of the day. Time to turn on the tap again.)

5. Read more. (Now that things have settled down, I want to read more. I have some books on hold at the library and a few in my pile in the meantime. Now I just need to snuggle up and read.)

6. Write more. (I have some good ideas. I really do. I need to put them to paper, or on screen as the case may be, and see what happens. I have two pieces out now, and I need a rotating stash to submit to publishers when I get those inevitable rejections.)

7. Stay informed. (This one is tough. Since the kids are at that age where they understand MUCH more than we think, I have turned off the news. I used to know what was going in fairly soon after it happened. Now, I’m a little slow on the breaking news. It’s worth it so that the kids don’t see the ugliness that is live and in living color now. But I need to find time to catch up online and stay atop of the stories that affect the country and the world.)

8. Make playdates. (I am one of the only stay-at-home mothers I know in my circle of friends and family nearby, so it’s hard to make playdates easily. And up until this point, it wasn’t much of a playdate because the kids were so small. I couldn’t really just sit back and watch them play. And with Bubs, I really still can’t. But we are getting closer to all out playdates that are fun for both the kids and me as well.)

9. Shop smarter. (This one has been in effect for awhile, but I should improve upon it. I use coupons at the grocery store, shop mostly during sales, and bargain hunt online. Every penny adds up.)

10. Keep my closet organized. (I really think this one is the hardest for me. I reorganize two to three times a year, usually at season changes. Somehow, no matter how nice and neat everything looks, it inevitably becomes disheveled as I tear through it trying to find something in a hurry. It sure would be nice to keep it put together this year. But really, who has time for that when doing all these other things? This one might have to go.)

So there’s my list. Wish me luck. I’m going to need it.

Happy New Year!