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In college, I remember using the word “Random!” all the time.  It was a part of the daily vocabulary for the girls at 430 Charles Street.   So since I haven’t updated in awhile, I’ll give you a “random!” look at what’s been going on around here lately.

The big news?  I managed to land the perfect stay-at-home job for me!  It’s the triple bonus.  1)  I can work from home and around the kids’ schedules.  2)  It is something about which I am very passionate since Beanie’s birth.  3)  I can help other children while teaching my own what it means to do something good for others.  The new gig?  I’m in “Creative Development” for the charity that has done so much for Beanie and our family.  I’ll be working to write grants, fundraise, and bring in donations from various events.  The Husband and I are very excited about this new endeavor.

In baby news…the kids are doing so well!  The Bean is learning new words every day and she is very compassionate towards her little brother, offering him toys, calling him to follow her down the hallway, and giving him the cutest hugs and kisses before bed.  She tells him she loves him every night, and I think she really means it.  Mr. Bubby has become an easy toddler, sleeping straight through the night for months now and always happy and smiling.  He waited a long time for a tooth, and now is in the process of getting three.  You wouldn’t know it, though, because he is very happy to just be crawling and cruising, exploring the house from one end to the other.  We had a great day at the mall today with a friend of mine and her two kids.  Lunch, the carousel, and walks around the mall–a great way to spend a Thursday afternoon.

Oh, I read Twilight finally.  I had to see what the buzz was all about, and frankly–I still don’t know.  Admittedly, it’s not a genre I read normally, but it seemed manageable.  And it may have been enjoyable, had the book been severely edited and the author not used “incredulously” about 78 times.   I’m clearly in the minority, but I have no idea why this book is a bestseller.

Since I’m on the entertainment kick, the DVR on our TV is filling up by the day.  I can’t keep up.  Unless the kids are watching a cartoon, the television is off for most of the day.  We listen to music instead.  At night, I get excited to see what the DVR has in store for me, but there’s not enough time in the day to catch up.  So Idol had to go.  The audition rounds are so contrived anyway.  I’ll check back in when they go live and there’s some actual talent there.  Until then, I keep fast forwarding through commercials as I get my percentages down.

Gymnastics has started again for Beanie.  She is a rock star on the balance beam.  She looks ahead, puts one tiny foot in front of the other, and motors right across the four foot high beam.  All while singing.  She uses a high pitch and sings her way across, happy as a lark.  I love it.

It’s getting late and I should work on that DVR percentage while I have the chance.  Stay tuned!