Pocketfuls of Sunshine

About the Bloggerista

I’m a nearly thirty-something wife to my college sweetheart and a mother of two. A former high school teacher, my days are filled now with the coos and cries of two tiny people that keep me busier than the 150 teenagers a day ever did. I am a stay-at-home suburbanite mom who hopes to make every day count as I learn the secrets of toddlerhood and, surprisingly, uncover the otherwise well-known truth that everything that I thought I knew is nothing in comparison to what I am learning now.

In my spare time, (what is that, anyway? I can’t seem to find it with a daughter and son who are only thirteen months apart), I enjoy writing, playing the piano, reading, connecting with friends and family, and watching the admittedly embarrassing plethora of reality and other television shows.


3 Responses to "About the Bloggerista"

Congrats on starting your blog!! How fun! I added you to my blogroll . . .

Welcome to the blogosphere! It’s a wild and woolly place, but if you use your elbows and hit below the belt you’ll be just fine. Preach to the masses!

I know NOTHING when it comes to blogging, but i have been enjoying reading yours! You’re too cute! A Grobanite? Never heard of em! 🙂

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