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So yes, it has literally been months since I have updated the blog.  It nags at me, it really does.  So now that summer is home and The Husband is home from teaching, I figured I would rekindle the blog flame. For awhile, anyway.

There are plenty of reasons I haven’t updated the blog in awhile.  For one, time has been scarce.  But who am I kidding?  We all have it–it’s just how we choose to spend it.  Secondly, the Internet is a wee bit scary these days.  I keep reading all these stories about bloggers coming up with detailed plots (heartbreaking ones at that) that are entirely fictional.  I hear of people lifting pictures of kids and pasting them into their blogs and signatures as their own.  C-R-E-E-P-Y.

And, if by some wee chance you are still checking this blog, you know that I don’t post pictures or use my childrens’ real names.  This might be a little less attractive than blogs that post every detail of what little Tommy did on a particular day, but let’s face it.  There are some wackadoos out there.  Anonymity is worth it.

Anyway, just as a student feels the need to tell her teacher why she did not complete her vocabulary definitions from last night’s homework, I feel the need to let my faithful readers know why I’ve neglected Pocketfuls.  My apologies.

So what’s new around here?  The kids are doing great.  Bubby is walking and talking.  His latest words are good ones–“Tank U”.  He says it swiftly and roughly, and it’s the cutest thing ever.  He is an explorer, always looking for something he can dissect and move around to figure out how it works.  His inquisitive nature is really something to watch, and I wonder just how much trouble he’ll find he’ll discover as he goes about his day shifting and sorting things.

Beanie is stretching her wings a bit, seeing how she works into the world and what it holds for her.  She has revealed her stubborn streak, something that, in the moment,  seems needless and irritating in the face of trying to parent, but something that has me equally happy that she will stand tall and hold her own when she desires.  Every girl needs a little stubborn in her, and Beans will have no shortage.  Of course, along with stubbornness, she needs to learn fault.  And she is.  She’s quickly mastering the art of saying sorry.  Up until now, this has taken the shape of a hug, some downcast eyes, and a quick “Ha-orry”.  The “S” sound remains elusive.  But just the other night, hours after she had been chastised for behaving badly, she walked over to me in her pajamas.  Without prompting or discussion, she said sorry for her earlier display, and she pushed my cheeks up with her hand and elbow, following it with two of the most true words I know.  “Happy.  Muma.”  Such a statement.  Such a moment.  Best.Apology.Ever.  It was all I could do not to cry at her cuteness.

In other quick news, The Husband and I celebrated our 6th anniversary last weekend.  We had a great time at some local establishments, and the kids got to spend some time with GaGa and Bumpa.  All was well.

Now that’ve I updated the family sitch, it leaves time for more irrelevant posts.  More to come in the days ahead.