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I Love Signs.

No, I don’t mean the movie, although it was mildly entertaining.  And I don’t mean signs of the astrological type.  (I’ve always been one to read my horoscope and if it sounds positive, I am pleased.  If it sounds depressing or ominous, I scoff at it and think, “Who really believes in that stuff anyway?”) I mean signs with actual text.  And I love catching signs with grammatical errors, particularly ones dealing with apostrophes.  It’s the English teacher in me.

So last night when I went to the movies with my sister-in-law and some of her friends, I noticed the sign behind the ticket counter.  I had seen this sign just two weeks before at a different theater.  It said something to the effect of  “Children only admitted to G and PG movies after 6:00 pm.”  Really?  We actually need a sign for that?  I mentioned something to my hubby about the ridiculousness of needing to tell people this seemingly obvious information, but I didn’t mention it to the ticket seller who probably would think I’m a nutty old woman.

But last night, there was a second sign underneath the first.  I actually read it twice before I understood its implication.  “Children under 2 not admitted to R movies.”  I looked at the young girls behind the counter and I couldn’t hold my tongue.

“I see your sign about 2 year olds and R movies.  Do you REALLY have people that try to do that?”

I was hoping it was, perhaps, some kind of public service announcement that some shmuck in a cube at the corporate office thought would look like a good community gesture.  You know, as in “we’re looking out for kids and you can trust us with yours.  Now give us all your money.”

But I was wrong.

The girl immediately began to do that whole wide-eye-rolling thing where it’s blatantly obvious that she frequently deals with nutty parents who actually fight her on the sign’s mandate.

“Yeah…ALL THE TIME.  They do it because they say they can’t get a sitter.”  A sitter?  No way.  That is just plain stupid.  Ever heard of staying home with your child and, um, being a PARENT?

At this point, there were some angsty teens behind me and I was mildly aware that I should be moving to the side to let them purchase their tickets to the waste of time and money that is the teenage horror movie.  But I was kind of stuck.

” I cannot believe so many people would do it that it necessitates a sign.”

“Yep.  Enjoy your movie.”

So I did, even though I have thought about that sign a few times today.  And then I thought, “Why 2?”  So it’s ok at 3?  4?   I could go on and on.  The problem lies not with the sign, however.  It lies with the fools who insist on ruining their children and polluting them with the garbage that they call “entertainment”.

The End