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My Christmas Wish

Posted on: November 30, 2008

This holiday season, several people have asked for information
about donating to Variety and the Myoelectric Center that is
helping to provide The Bean with her myoelectric prosthesis and
her therapy sessions.  The Husband and I wanted to pass along some
information to those who might be interested.

We know times are hard for many people right now, and it is the
season to be thankful for our blessings.   We are so very lucky
to have found Variety and its Myoelectric Center.  It has made such
a difference in Beanie's life, and she is mastering her myoelectric
hand so quickly.  We are so proud to see her do everyday tasks
spontaneously with two hands, and her determination and will to
use her hand effectively brings tears to our eyes.  We will be forever
grateful to those involved with Variety and our little girl's success.

This Christmas, many people consider donating to charities or those
in need.  If your family, or someone you know, is looking to make a
difference in a local children's charity, consider Variety; The
Children's Charity and its Myoelectric Center. We have been working
closely with Variety to raise awareness about this program, speaking
at meetings and schools, and Beanie has become an integral part of
their campaign to acquire funding.  She is the subject of their annual
giving letter, and we would be happy to share that letter with you.

If your family is interested in making a donation, big or small,
leave a comment here and I will send you a copy of the giving card
by which you can make a tax deductible private donation.  Every penny
helps children like Beanie receive prostheses and vitally important
therapy to help them use their new hands. It is our Christmas wish
that you consider "lending a hand" to Variety this holiday season.
Please pass this information along to any friends or family that might
be interested and let me know if I may provide any additional information.
Additionally, if your employer or a company you know might be interested
in such a charitable donation, please leave a comment and I will contact

Our sincerest gratitude and wishes for a wonderful holiday season!

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