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Do you remember the third grade?

Posted on: November 25, 2008

I don’t remember all that much about the third grade, except that it was my first year at a new elementary school. I do remember walking in single file lines and being in the same classroom all day long.

So it was a great reminder for me when, this past Friday, I took the Bean and her brother to a local elementary school to speak to 56 third graders about adopting a charity, specifically Variety. The goal was for the students to meet Beanie and learn about her story and how they could help Variety throughout the school year.

When we were taken to the multi-purpose room, for a moment I wondered where all the tables and chairs were. Then the children walked in, single file, and they just sat down. I laughed inside. I forgot that, at this age, kids just pop a squat in the middle of a gym floor. So instead of using a microphone and standing behind a podium, I asked if I could walk around and talk to them up close and personal. So that’s what we did.

I told about how the Bean was born with only her right hand, and how her daddy and I had to make decisions about how we would help her. So we found Variety and its Myolectric Center, and now she wears a prosthesis. Of course, I did this in kid terms and they were amazed by her story and what she can do. Luckily, The Bean was feeling generous and showed them how her hand opens and closes as she walked back and forth carrying little note cards all over the place.

Then we opened up the floor for questions. Some were typical, some were surprising, but all of them were respectful. I was so proud of those children for, well, being good children. They would ask how she does something, I would explain, and they would say, “Oh, wow. Ok.” And move on. They didn’t whisper or snicker. They were so wonderful to us. And The Bean got a kick out of the group “awwing” and waving at her.

What did they ask, you wonder? Atop of the questions about how she does something or if she wears her arm while she swims, they asked some interesting questions.

What’s her favorite color? Purple, for sure.

How does she write? Well, like you do. With one hand, although she mostly scribbles with crayons. Purple ones.

Does she go to a special school? No. In fact, she doesn’t go to school. She turned 2 last Thursday. But when she does, it will be in a classroom just like yours. (How endearing that they don’t realize 2 year olds are not in school.)

Is she scared of clowns? Um, no. I don’t think so. Although she probably wouldn’t run up and hug one. She didn’t seem to mind them when we went to the circus.

And the list goes on. These two classes will be adopting Variety for the school year and hope to do some service projects to help out. I’m just glad that they were able to meet the Bean and know the value of lending a “helping hand” to charities that need it.

Next week we head to some company meetings to speak briefly about Workplace Giving. Think of the United Way initiatives but for Variety instead.

If you or your family is looking for a charity this holiday season, leave a comment here and I’ll provide more details. The Bean is actually on the cover of the annual giving card this year and, well, once you see her with her bunny in one hand and a brochure in the other, you won’t be able to resist pulling out your checkbook.

Happy Giving!


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