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Another first for me…

Posted on: November 23, 2008

This whole blogging thing is a big first for me.  I’m sure you can tell, I’m not all up on the gadget-y things that are out there for blogs.  I have yet to add video to a post.  I can barely figure out how to add pictures.  But I’m learning.

And now tonight I can say that I conquered something else.  Ebay!

We’ve sold a handful of things on ebay in the past.  Basically, it’s just been enough to sustain any purchases we might make through ebay.  Usually, the conversation goes something like this:

Me:  Honey, why don’t we sell x on ebay?

Hubs:  Meh, are people buying that stuff?  Are people bidding on similar listings?

Me:  I don’t know.  Sure.  It’s good stuff. Someone will want it.

Hubs:  Ok, give me the info and I’ll list it.

Wallah.  He lists it, it sells, and I take the money and go buy something else we don’t need.

But tonight, I felt the urge to take control and list something ALL BY MYSELF!  Two things, for that matter.  Both are Toddler Special Occasion Dresses NWT, which is Ebay-speak for brand new kid’s Christmas dresses.  Last year, we purchased several.  They were so cute.  We couldn’t pass them up.  (When I saw we, I mean me…and my mom.  It’s hereditary apparently.)  But she only wore a few of them and now they are too small for her ever to wear them.  I could save them for some possible little sister for her, but let’s face it…if there is a little sis in Beanie’s future, she will probably get her own little stash of twirly dresses and these will be long forgotten in the bottom of a Space Saver Bag.

So with the holiday season upon us, I decided to put two of them up for grabs on Ebay.  I determinedly sat down, reading all the choices to make my listing irresistible to some other mother like me who is looking to buy something she probably doesn’t need.  I picked a category, a background, took pictures myself (so Anna Wintour of me),  and wrote a stellar description.  And it only took an hour!  Seriously.  But now I know what I am doing and I’m sure the Husband would be pleased if I would try to sell some other random items that are taking up space in our small modest home.

I’m hoping the one dress really brings in the big bucks!  I’m only half-joking.  I’ll be bummed if I get a whole .97 for one of these dresses.  We’ll see how the bids roll.


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