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Tag, You’re It!

Posted on: November 22, 2008

Do you remember when you played Frozen Tag? And you had to stay frozen until somebody “unfroze” you? (Why didn’t they say you had to stay frozen until you melted? That seems better than “unfrozen”, doesn’t it?)

Well, I’ve been tagged by Lori at Barefoot in High Heels to reveal six juicy, tantalizing, scrumptious details about my life. I know, you are salivating in anticipation. Here goes:

1. I have a secret not so secret list of, let’s say, distinguished men that I find attractive and worthy of batting my eyelashes. In plain English, I have an “old man” crush list. And just so I don’t offend any distinguished gentleman readers, these people aren’t really OLD men. They are just older than me. 🙂 Are you ready?

A. James Stewart. I just love Jimmy. Especially when he plays George Bailey in It’s A Wonderful Life, which happens to be my favorite movie. He is the iconic gentleman and there’s not to many of those around lately. “You want the Moon, Mary?” Yes, I do please. I like to think things like the moon and fancy bridges are mine. It’s romantic and I’m always up for a romantic gesture.

B. Pierce Brosnan. Ok, so I’m sure most people agree that Sean Connery was the original and best Bond…but if there is a close second, it is my man Pierce. He is devastatingly handsome and the accent is more than a little endearing. This new Bond guy, Daniel Craig, doesn’t hold a candle to Pierce Brosnan. I’ll see any movie just because he is in it.

C. Simon Cowell. I’m actually very embarrassed to admit this, but I love Simon! Maybe it’s because his name is SIMON. How cute is that? No but really, I think it’s the fact that he is a good judge of talent and he’s daring enough to tell people they stink. I’m so not daring enough to do that in real life. And again, it’s the accent.

D. Ok, don’t laugh , or do. Steve Martin. Yeah, Cheeburgee Cheeburger Steve Martin. He is so funny! And not just in the movies. I’ve read some of his books and they are hysterical. What can I say? Witty is the new sexy.

E. Harry Connick, Jr. What a voice. And what talent. He doesn’t even have to talk. Just play and sing. And smile.

There’s more on my list but I have to move on to 5 more little known details before I lose all three of my loyal readers.

2. Since we are on the topic of piano playing, I should confess that I have played the piano since I was 5. I gave lessons for awhile and played in competitions. (One of the people I played a duet, trio, and a quartet with one year was actually on Season 1 of the Apprentice. Yes, I know someone that the Donald actually fired. Awesome.) Anyway, for our wedding, my parents tracked down the piano that I first played at when I was just 5, and they bought it back for us. I love that piano and will never ever part with it. I even love the little scratch that was there since I was kid on the E just above Middle C. My only frustration with it right now is that I don’t find enough time to play it, and when I do have a few minutes, I generally have a toddler on my lap hitting the keys. It isn’t exactly conducive to playing Debussey.

3. I have an extreme aversion to all things violent. I detest violent movies, and ever since having kids particularly, I can’t stand to hear about violence against children on the news. I mean, I never liked it before…don’t get me wrong. But now when I hear it, it just makes me feel sick.

4. This one is going to seem like a contradiction to #3, but I have a second degree blackbelt in karate. And no, I don’t do the crane move like Danielson (Anyone who actually did that in the midst of a fight would be on the floor before they made that silly WAH! sound). I miss sparring and competing. But then I remember that to be really good at something, you have to give it your everything. And right now, Beanie and Bubby are my everything.

5. I stink at math. I’m terrible at it! I never understood proofs, and the whole concept of pi (is that how it is even spelled? I swear I blocked it all out.) is just beyond my comprehension. I hated when I would go to school early and asked my geometry teacher for help. She would just stare at me and ask. “Well, what do you think you should do?” Over and over and over. Um, if I knew that I wouldn’t be here at 6:45 am asking for help to solve something that doesn’t exist.

6. I sleep on the side of the bed that is furthest from the window, no matter where I am. In a hotel, in my own room, or visiting people, I instinctively claim the far side of the bed. My hubby pointed this out when he found himself on the opposite side of me one day when we were away from home. Before that, I never realized that I veered away from the window side. I’m weird I guess. But then so are other people because I’ve heard others that do this as well.

And there you have it. Don’t you feel better knowing these trivial tidbits?

And in the spirit of Barefoot in High Heels and the game of tag, I’m passing along the challenge to the following bloggers. Check them out and tell them I sent you.


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And don’t forget to leave a comment!


4 Responses to "Tag, You’re It!"

I have to agree with you on the man list. Have you seen my Flair on Facebook? A nice picture of Simon. Love. Him. And of course, Jimmy Stewart. Pierce Brosnan? Yes, please. And Harry Connick, Jr. But here’s my problem — no WAY should he be on ANY old-man list!! You’re making me feel OLD! I KNOW you said “older than me” but still . . . He’s only in his 40’s!!! So there’s my discrepancy.

Fun list!

I like Simon too. Something about him. And did you say Harry Connick, jr? **swoon**

I usually don’t speak of men being “good looking” but I’ll say this: You left Gregory Peck off the list. And he’s got a great voice too. Oh, and Robert Wagner. Pretty cool guys.

As for you sleeping as far away from the window as possible, you get that from your mom. Don’t tell her, but in being far from the window, she’s closer to the door….and could be grabbed at any time from an intruder while I sleep peacefully.


I will never forget at college when you mentioned how handsome Robert Redford was. I think my reaction was “gross!”. I think you do have a thing for older celebrity males! Simon Cowell, for real? Those tight shirts are a turn off!

Yes, you stink at math. That’s ok, as long as you can calculate how much discount your coupon gives you off your buyings, you are all set! We all know English is your strong suit, hence the blogging! I wouldn’t know where to begin with a blog, but give me a math problem and I will be happy.

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