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It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Posted on: November 6, 2008

It’s been unseasonably warm here the last few days, and I have been loving it for all the obvious reasons. I love having the house open and a fresh breeze blowing through, and driving with the sunroof open just seems more enjoyable for some reason.

Now that I have two small kids in tow wherever I go, I have even more reasons to love the warm weather. Taking a walk is one of the them. Sure, we can walk in the brisk fall weather, and we often do. But again, not having to bundle the kids under blankets and have them wear hats lest their little ears become numb is a nice benefit to a 70 degree day.

Similarly, getting two kids ready to head out to run errands is SO much easier without fall or winter gear. In the summer, I simply make sure they are fed, changed, and wearing clothes. Then one after the one, we pile in the car and we are off. It’s that easy. But all of that went away last week when the weather was in the 40s. I quickly remembered what cooler temps mean in terms of my lead-time to getting out the door. It practically doubles it.

You see, in the winter, not only do the kids have to be fed, changed, and clothed, but they also need a coat and, depending on the weather conditions of the day, a hat, gloves, and blanket. (I don’t do scarves at this point–they won’t serve a purpose on toddlers and actually could cause a serious problem). I also have to start the car and heat it up, although I generally don’t do this unless it is 32 or below outside. This might not seem daunting when you read it, but trust me—finding all the bits and pieces of both ensembles takes longer than one would think.

And that doesn’t account for my belongings. I tend to get myself ready first because I’m the one loading them into the car in the freezing cold. However, it NEVER fails–by the time I have readied myself and then loaded both kids, I am sweating and feel the need to shed my coat.

So I am super happy that is has been so warm outside recently. And I am grateful for the small reprieve from winter coats. I actually have some extra time on my hands because of it!


1 Response to "It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood"

I hear ya sista:) Nothing is better than just throwing Mariah in her car seat, wearing nothing but a onsie! I’m going to miss those days, and so is she! She hates to wear socks, let alone shoes! By the time we get to our destination, i open the back door only to find at least ONE sock & shoe off!

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