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Tomorrow is another day

Posted on: October 31, 2008

That’s what I have been telling myself since my last blog update from a week ago yesterday.  “I’ll update the blog tomorrow.”  And just as someone I know predicted, it’s hard to keep up when you have two little ones on your heels (or legs as the case may be).  So here’s the week in review.

Last weekend we had the opportunity to see Disney Playhouse Live thanks to the wonderful people at Variety; The Children’s Charity.  You see, The Bean has been a big part of their efforts to raise awareness and money lately, and they so graciously offered us suite tickets to see the grand show.  Both The Bean and Bubs were wildly entertained and it was great day out as a family.  Thank you Variety!

I also attended a Variety charity event at a nearby theater to raise money to buy bikes for children in need.  What’s even better is that the charity is presenting those children with special needs with bikes that have been outfitted specifically to their needs.  Fabulous!  There were restaurants with amazing dishes at the theater and we even saw a movie, complete with a pop and popcorn.  And I had my first taste of popcorn made with olive oil.  I must say, it was very delicious!  There was a silent auction as well and I am now the proud owner of a fantastic giraffe clock that will hang in Bubby’s room to match his animal decor.  Thanks to my mom for outbidding the lady that had her eye on it!

Then I was asked to speak today at a local children’s hospital to a wonderful group of doctors and therapists about The Bean’s story.  They were very welcoming and, like teachers, I’m sure they know why they chose their profession.  But it is nice to be able to remind people that their efforts are appreciated and their attitudes can make all the difference to a family in need of help.

On another not-so-great note, I may end up needing surgery shortly for an ovarian cyst.  If you know me, you know that I am not a fan of hospital stays since my own long stay almost two years ago in the battle against pancreatitis.  So we are monitoring the cyst in the meantime and hoping it shrinks on its own.  We’ll see.

And finally, tomorrow is Halloween.  What are my kids, you ask?  The Birds and the Bees.  And no, I didn’t intend that when I picked their costumes from the cute little thumbnail pictures on ebay, although it is kind of funny since they are only thirteen months apart.  The Bean will be a red macaw and I’m going to desperately try to stick Bubby in a bee costume.  I say I am going to try because he is growing by the day and it looks like it may be a snug fit–over his head anyway.

So thanks for patiently waiting for the Bloggerista to update.  I promise I’ll do better!


3 Responses to "Tomorrow is another day"

I expect to see pictures of your crew on Halloween! You’ve been busy. Remember free time??? 🙂 Thanks for the update. We’ll be thinking of you and hoping for no hospital stay. Shrink!!!

I expect to see pictures of your crew on Halloween! You’ve been busy. Remember free time??? 🙂 Thanks for the update. We’ll be thinking of you and hoping for no hospital stay. Shrink!!!

Don’t fret…I had an ovarian cyst removed immediately after they pulled Jack outta my stomach (to put it simply). It wasn’t so bad… and quite common. Usually, birth control helps to shrink them down. It shrunk down other ones that I had back about 10 years ago or so.

P.S. I don’t get a lot of free time for e-mail/Internet…but hopefully I can check out your blog more frequently. Currently, I am procrastinating and able to read/respond. Shame on me. 😦

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