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This Kid’s Pick

Posted on: October 21, 2008

So on Tuesdays over at 5 Minutes for Books, bloggers all around review the books that their children are currently reading.  The Bean loves her book stash.  She will sit in her chair next to her bookshelf and look at her books for the longest time, pulling them one by one out of the shelves, leafing through them carefully, and finally letting them fall to the ground below her.  Lately, she has a new favorite.

She loves Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans.  She just discovered it recently, and she can’t get enough of it.  In it, the little girl who lives in an orphanage gets sick and has to have her appendix removed.  By the end of the book, all the little girls want their appendices out too.  (I actually had to look up the plural of appendix and am somewhat surprised.  I thought it would be something like appendi!  Silly me.)

I find the general premise behind the book a little odd, but The Bean loves the illustrations and she loves to say Madeline.  Only, it comes out more like, “Ma a win”.  I love it.   And I love that she loves books.  Even ones where kids dream about unnecessary surgery.


4 Responses to "This Kid’s Pick"

I LOVED Madeline when I was younger. How cute and great is it that your two year old is already getting into it. That’s awesome!

Thanks for your post. It was fun to see what your daughter enjoys.

Yes, it’s funny thinking of the oddities about children’s books from an adult’s perspective, but what’s important is that they love books, just as you say.

I know — very strange. We also just started reading Madeline and I find it really weird. I looked today at another Madeline book and thought the same thing. But you’re right — Miss M likes it!! 🙂

I never really took to Madeline. I have a Madeline computer game just waiting for my daughters to be old enough, I suppose I should introduce them to the book first. I posted my first Kids’ Picks tonight.

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