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Works For Me Wednesday

Posted on: October 15, 2008

It’s time for another edition of Works for Me Wednesday over at Rocks in My Dryer. Check it out for some practical solutions to picky problems. On to my scrapbooking idea for the week!

Suddenly, in the late nineties, scrapbooking became popular. Of course, I jumped on the bandwagon and started buying pretty paper to fill pretty albums and overly adorn them with pretty stickers. I convinced myself that photos look better when displayed that way. So much so that I spent HOURS making a “page”. I would move the little flower embellishment fifty times before settling on the corner of a photo and tell myself that is the only place where it really works. Then I would pick up a fairy embellishment and repeat the process of finding the one perfect spot for it to flutter over.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved it. There was a certain satisfaction to designing a page, and I was convinced I would look at these scrapbooks for years to come. The last complete album I made was our wedding album (over 5 years ago!) and then I dabbled here and there with it but never completed another one.

So, almost two years ago when Lori over at Barefoot in High Heels turned me on to photo books, I was super excited to see I could still be creative and crafty, but all I needed was a computer and an Internet connection.

You see, there is just no way that I can sit and fuss with the stickers, eyelets, ribbon, and paper anymore. I find myself instead rearranging clothes in the closet after only three months of wear from my little ones. I can barely keep up with putting my digital pictures on the computer, much less get them printed and arranged on trendy paper. So Shutterfly has become my new best friend.

They offer a photo book that allows me to design pages and add all the captions I want, and I don’t even have to use glue! Just click the mouse, and wallah! A scrapbook that is coffee table quality is shipped right to my door. I can work on it for minutes at a time (which reminds me that I need to start now since the kids are turning 1 and 2) and I can print as many copies as I want!

It is the answer to a mommy’s prayers. Because as much as I don’t really mind that I can’t scrapbook the “old-fashioned” way, I don’t want to miss a moment of those memories with my children.

And here’s a bonus: when I linked over to Shutterfly, I noticed they are giving 30% off photobooks! What more could you ask for?


7 Responses to "Works For Me Wednesday"

I need to start mine, too, as the girls’ birthdays are coming up!! I SHOULD just do this continuously as I take the pictures and have an ongoing book that I can work on all year, but NO — I prefer to wait until the last minute and try to remember all the good captions for the pictures, and try to remember milestones for A’s Baby Book. that’s just me. you know — a good mom like that.

I’m with you on this one. Although I love to be creative, I am not one for cutting paper, using stickers, or paper punches, or the like. I’ve made 3 shutterfly books now and absolutely love them. They look great, have high quality photos, and I don’t have to worry about printing photos, buying albums, or having cute paper around. There are so many different layout options and background options you can use – it’s great. Maybe one day I’ll get some digital scrapbooking software to make even nicer pages, but until then, the regular shutterfly works for me.

I’ve done a few of these, as well. I love them. My Publisher does a great job. Their turnaround time is unbelieveably fast and they always run great deals.

We’ve done this and loved it! The books look so great, and it is so much easier than having all the bits and pieces out where my kids can get into them. I had totally given up on scrapbooking, but now I’m willing to do it somewhat (it still takes a lot of time).

That sounds like a good idea. I have a 3 week old son and wonder if I’m going to ever get to do any more scrapbooking. I also have a lot of pages, but not a single finished book yet… Hm…we’ll see!

Great idea. My baby is almost one and I have scrapbooked exactly none of her photos so far. Despite needing precious free time (what exactly is that again?), it also creates such a mess of scraps and ribbons which the cats manage to drag into every corner.
I will definitely check out this new photo book rage.

I love shutterfly! I made one for my wedding guest book. It had pictures of me and my hubby before we got married, and people could write on the pages next to their favorite picture! It was fun! Love the idea!

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