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Everybody’s got her something

Posted on: October 15, 2008

Yes, I know the song actually goes, “Everybody’s got their something…” and I was going to use it as the title of the post. But I can’t. I just can’t. Because you see, “their” is plural and “everybody” is actually singular. So it should be “everybody’s got HER something”. Sure, you can use “his”, but since I’m the bloggerista, and I’m a female, I’m sticking with my own kind.

This sort of brings me to another saying that makes me want to shout out the correct grammatical structure cringe. “To each their own.” Shudder. Again, the problem of singular and plural appears. Each is actually singular, so it must be “her”. To each HER own. Ah, much better.

Now what was I going to write about? Honestly, this is not what I sat down at 10:28 on a Tuesday to write about. Ah, the something. That’s it.

The something of which I speak is a lovey. A special stuffed animal or toy. I still have my teddy bear on my bed. His nose is falling off, surely the result of incessant tugging and pulling on him as I went to sleep. I should take a picture of him and immortalize his fuzzy brown fur, because one day that cute button nose of his will fall off, and I won’t like it. Maybe tomorrow.

One of my more memorable lovey’s was a baby doll. Her name is Sara. Say hi.

Now, Sara says lots of small words. Specifically, they are “ni mama. Yip yipe. Wahhh! Wahhh!” And repeat. She talks until you lay her down on her tummy. So when I was in the basement changing the laundry the other day, The Bean knocked Sara off a shelf. Immediately, Sara started with the yipping, and Beanie was fascinated. Sara then made her way out of the basement laundry room in Beanie’s arms, and she’s been around in the living room since.

This reminds me of the time that I did something wrong as a child. I don’t know what. I can’t remember. What I do remember was my dad coming in to my room and taking Sara out of it. That was quite the punishment for me. I LOVED Sara. A few minutes later, he said I could have her back. Ah, victory! Except, when I took her in my arms and started moving her around, she was silent. I shook her. Really shook her. All I could hear was the clicking of her eyelids as they flapped up and down. No mama. No yips. No yipes.

I’m pretty sure my exact words to my dad at that point were, “You killed her!”

And I’m pretty sure that he felt bad for me. So he took Sara back and performed “back surgery” where he replaced the batteries that he so cunningly had removed minutes before.

I was telling The Husband about this memory that other night, and he topped mine with a story about how his dad ripped apart his Cookie Monster doll in front of him. Stuffing was flying everywhere. I cracked up when he told me this, and then I gave thanks that The Bean’s favorite lovey doesn’t have batteries (although it does have stuffing. Yikes!)

Meet Bunny.

Bunny doesn’t talk. I don’t even know if it is a boy or a girl. (Yes, people have asked me. We just call it Bunny.) I do know that it doesn’t need batteries and the only stuffing we’ll see flying from it will be from all the hugs and loving that The Bean does with it.


3 Responses to "Everybody’s got her something"

Oh yes!! From one English major to another, I also get annoyed at the singular/plural thing. I’m sitting here thinking of a funny example, but I can’t right now:

Can ANYONE rack THEIR brains to help???

I would like to add that the phrase “the media is out to get (fill in the blank)” has to be the most frequently uttered grammatical error in the American lexicon. Media is plural, and even though it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, it should be followed by the word “are.”

I would also like to add that I vividly remember the Cookie Monster execution and I bear the emotional scars to prove it.

How true about “media.” Same goes for “data,” a plural noun.

we is nerds.

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