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Me Time

Posted on: October 11, 2008

Over at 5 Minutes for Special Needs, there is a new Friday theme called “Me Time”. When I first read about it, I thought it would be a great thing to include here at Pocketfuls. I had these grand ideas about what I would do and how I would elegantly detail this wonderful solitary experience that should invigorate and renew my soul.

And here I sit, at nearly eleven on a Friday night, having just folded four loads of laundry. And I haven’t even updated the blog all week. There hasn’t been a lot of “me time” lately, although I did attend a dinner and salsa dancing lesson last evening. It was fun, and it was something for me, so I suppose it counts in a way. But “me time” according to 5 Minutes means time to be by oneself, and I haven’t done any of that in awhile.

What I have done is spend time with some fantastic people at Variety. I had the opportunity to speak at their annual board meeting, and everyone heard The Bean’s story and our journey to finding a “helping hand”. I must admit, I had to practice my speech several times. And I am proud to say that I held it together until the final three words of the speech. I wasn’t alone in my tears by the time I finished. I was overwhelmed to find a room full of people standing, clapping, and crying for all we have learned and how far we have come. It was amazing moment and I’ve been excited about it all week. I hope to have more opportunities like that to raise awareness and say a personal thank you to the people who make The Variety Myoelectric Center possible.

So that was our highlight of the week. And there was so much more that happened this week, but I think I may take that “me time” I was hoping to find earlier right now. All is quiet in the house, the lights are low, and I am going to sit down and just be.


5 Responses to "Me Time"

Sounds good. Me time is harder to come by than I thought!!! Congrats on your speech!

Have a nice weekend,

Way to go on your speech! Those are sooooo hard to pull off, especially when you are talking about challenges you have had to face with your child. I never can keep it together for those.

Oh, and I think salsa dancing TOTALLY counts as ‘Me Time’! The meme instructions “by yourself” primarily means no responsibilities to anyone but to yourself to have a lovely time. Salsa dancing fits that bill just fine 🙂

So glad you joined in and I hope you did get some more ‘Me Time’ after all of that laundry! 😀

~Michelle @ 5MFSN

Hope you can schedule in some much need “Me Time” VERY soon!!! Blessings, Amy in OR

Well done! Any chance that those of us who were unable to attend can read your speech?

You’re right — I don’t think blogging while the kids are whining for more juice counts as “me time.” I’ll have to work on that myself.

Can’t wait to see how this speech leads to more things!

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