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A Promise is a Promise

Posted on: October 1, 2008

Today was Bubby’s 9 month check-up. As usual, I haul both kids to any doctor appointments. When The Bean was younger and wasn’t yet mobile, I had to take the double stroller. These days, though, I can do with taking the single stroller and The Bean walks. Today, I was actually able to leave the strollers in the back of the SUV since my dad met us there to keep The Bean busy.

You see, I have done the whole “let’s schedule both of their appointments together” thing and it is not fun. I did it when Beanie was 15 months and Bubs was 2 months. And I did it one other time as well. It takes longer and it’s hard to manage two who need to be weighed and given shots when you are only one. So even though it takes extra trips to have separate appointments for them, it works out well.

The Bean knows the office. Her demeanor changes the minute we walk in. She has this downward look to her face, and I really believe she thinks that if she keeps her head low, doesn’t make eye contact, and doesn’t speak to anyone, maybe they won’t notice she is there and stick her with a needle before running out of the room. So my dad and I kept assuring her, “No shots for Beanie. No doctors for Beanie today!” And I think she believed us.

So when the doctor mentioned that flu shots should be given to both kids this season, I thought it was a good idea. You see, Bubs has to get his in two half-doses. Beans can have the full shot since she did the two doses last year. The doctor offered to do both kids today, and for a moment I was ready to comply.

But then we remembered what we told Beanie. No doctors, no shots. And we thought it was important to keep that promise to her. So I’ll be going back in 30 days when Bubs needs his second half and then The Bean can get hers too.

Speaking of Bubs, he is a typical tough guy. He had a finger poked and then squeezed for blood as well as a flu shot and he didn’t even cry. I think I heard a quick grunt, but if it hurt, he wasn’t about to let anyone know.


2 Responses to "A Promise is a Promise"

Oh no! I scheduled the kids’ appointments for the same day! We have it in a few weeks. Hopefully it will go well. I figured since I would have to take them both together anyway it would better. Hubs offered to take his lunch break early to help out so I might take him up on it!

i had the same thing happen the other day. took my oldest in for a strep check…and they offered to give her an antibiotic vaccination thingy. i had to decline considering that i had told her on the way there…no shots, i promise.
if you don’t keep promises now…there’s no telling how that can bite you back in the future.
congrats on a good mommy moment!

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