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A Day at the Gym

Posted on: September 28, 2008

I have been scouring the local paper, library, and parks and recreation offices for a class for The Bean. She is too young for many of the classes, and there’s one that she could take but it falls on a weekday morning. Sounds perfect, right? I was excited at first when I saw the listing, until I noticed the asterisk that noted in big bold letters that NO SIBLINGS were allowed in the peanut gallery. So that class will have to wait until next year, when coincidentally they will both be able to take the same class.

Then I found a Parent and Tot Gymnastics class for children from 18 to 35 months. So we decided to sign up, and the class started today. I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed to find that the section before us was jam packed with parents and tots, and it seemed too crowded. Some parents brought the unwelcome siblings, and apparently it was a problem for the instructors. The Bean’s class, however, has about 14 kids in it. Perfect!

Although she can be shy discerning around new people or in new situations, she took right to her new gymnastics class. She made a beeline for the mats and was quickly stepping and climbing her way to the top of the foam towers. She especially loved the hoola hoops, so much so that she began taking them, one by one, from their haphazard places around the room and stock piling them in one place. I redirected her attention to a nearby balance beam and the hoops quickly were moved again by excited children.

I think my favorite moment of the class was the music portion. The instructors said that when the music stopped, every one was to freeze in a particular pose. The kids did this, relatively quietly, except for my Beanie, who stopped moving only to start clapping and yelling, “More! More! More!” in the Boston-esque accent that she has developed seemingly out of nowhere.

She even got two stickers at the end of the class! I don’t know who is more excited for next week’s class, Beans or her proud mama.


5 Responses to "A Day at the Gym"

I recall a little boy with a similar Boston-esque accent!
Way to go, Annabelle! Those hula hoops needed stock-piling, I’m sure!

Oh, how cute! I really want to sign up Miss M for a gymnastics class — but the times are not convenient, based on working or bringing baby sister!! But I asked her today what she wanted to do/be when she got big like Mommy, and she said “be a gymnastics girl!” She’s got a long way to go, though, as she’s pretty klutzy and trips/falls often, simply when walking!!! oh well . . . good to have dreams, I suppose! 🙂

How fun! She is quite the organizer. She loves stacking things and putting things away. I was wondering if they were going to incorporate music into the class. I wouldn’t be surprised if she throws some of her dance moves in! She’s got a few!

I am wondering what kind of music was played at the Gymnastics class. Oldies I hope…the 60’s. I happen to know, Bean like the Beatles. Or, maybe they’ll play, if requested, the classics, such as the William Tell Overture, etc, as they do on Einstein Kids.

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