Pocketfuls of Sunshine


Posted on: September 25, 2008

I never realized how much money one could spend on a swing set until we started to look for one for our two kiddies. I quickly learned that there are companies that charge hundreds, and even thousands, for sets that include wooden forts, rock climbing walls, trapeze bars, and teeter-totters. Now, I do seem to remember playing on our wooden one with a fort (our second set once we moved into a newer house) quite a bit when I was a child. Yet, when I drive through nearby neighborhoods and see these big wooden monstrosities, I rarely, if ever, see a child monkeying around.

So when we finally decided to buy one, we went with a cheap modest metal set that included two swings, a glider, a trapeze bar, and a small red slide. With a coupon, we paid just over a hundred dollars. We also purchased two infant swings because both Beans and Bubs need them. It looks something like this.

So it isn’t the prettiest swing set I have ever seen. It isn’t the biggest. And it probably won’t last forever. But, the kids love it, which is all that matters. As with big fancy toys, we have learned that children don’t care about brand names or price tags. You can have all the Fisher Price toys in the world, and they will probably gravitate towards a water bottle, a magazine, and a cardboard box for an hour of fun instead.

What I love, though, is the loud squeaking that accompanies both of the swings. From the first time I pushed them in their new swings, I loved that squeak. It instantly took me back to the days of my first yellow metal swingset which was very similar to ours now. I’m sure some neighbors wonder what that screeching, rhythmic noise is every evening after dinner. Well, it’s the sound of a happy child (or two) swinging away. It’s the sound of wild day dreaming. It’s the sound of imagination hard at work while they kick their little legs and pretend they are flying.

So you can keep your big fancy swing sets. I’ll take the little one that was certainly good enough for me as a child and will definitely be enough for my kids too.


4 Responses to "Swingin’"

I loved that fort, as I called it. I remember when adday brought it home to build. I thought it would be built in 30 minutes. I was wrong!

Oh, how sweet! And nostalgic!! You know I agree with you here . . . we don’t even have a swingset yet! But I think it’s a good point about seeing all these expensive nice ones without any kids playing on them!!! What’s up with that??

How true! We got a lot of use out of that metal swing set. You LOVED it! It was hard to get you off. I remember the squeaks. I also remember that they were quite loud, or so it seemed. Loved them too! The second wooden set, with the fort, saw just as much use at our house. I must say that the swings and the see-saw were most used. It was also a great way to dry off after swimming!

NOTE. I once figured I’d quiet down the swing set squeaking, and put oil on the round holders at the top hook. There was silence after that for a month or so. Not so fun to swing in silence….unless the child makes her own rythemic noise, like signing, as my own daughter did (so much so that I still recall most of the words, even though I had never before or since heard the song) “Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer due…I’m half crazy all for the love of you….It won’t be a stylish marriage, I can’t afford a carriage….but you’ll look sweet, upon the seat, of a bicycle built for two.” And she’d sing it over and over in time to the back and forth of the swing.

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