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A Quick Trip to the Grocery Store

Posted on: September 23, 2008

Yeah, right.

My first mistake was thinking it would be a quick trip to the store. I know better. Nothing is quick with a 9 month old and a 22 month old.

In those early months after Bubby was born, it took me an hour or more to get out of the house with them. It was more like a choreographed dance than anything. I had to figure out which child would eat first, who needed a nap, and who to put in the car first.

But I have improved. I can get out of the house with a half hour’s lead time (on most days). I’ve reduced the contents of the diaper bag considerably. Heck, I’ve actually done away with the diaper bag and opted for a great Guess purse I found on a clearance rack. I’m sure it was intended to contain something much more stylish, like an alligator wallet or a Versace eyeglass case. As it is, the goldfish and diapers go happily along in my bright pink handbag.

So I thought I would “run” to the grocery store in search of some baking ingredients for those apples we picked yesterday. I needed flour, eggs, sugar, and pie crusts among other things. (Now, before you admonish me for not making the crusts from scratch, consider that I have to cut corners to get things done in the space of the one nap that the children take simultaneously!) So we packed up and headed out.

Now, in my past life, I would have loved a parking lot that didn’t contain shopping carts (or buggies as I call them). However, I now find myself speeding toward any spot with a cart haphazardly positioned nearby. Today, though, there was not a single cart in the parking lot. Not one.

So I reluctantly unloaded The Bean and held her hand as I walked to Bubby’s side of the car. Then I put my diaper bag purse over my right shoulder and unbuckled Bubs. I tossed him onto my right hip, and I grabbed the shopping cart cover in my right hand. I hip-checked the door shut with my left side, hit the lock button on the key fob with my left (who came up with that silly word anyway? FOB. It’s so lame). Then I grabbed The Bean’s hand with my left and we all walked SLOWLY into the store. It was slow enough that I noticed several people passing by with that “Oh that poor girl trying to shop with those two tiny kids” look in their eyes.

Five minutes later, I had them in a cart and off we went. Bubs sat in the front with a shopping cart cover and The Bean sat in the basket of the cart with her sippy and a snack trap of goldfish. Today, she found entertainment with each new item tossed into the cart. It was going well until she had built an imaginary playland around herself and I decided to toss in some tin pie plates that were not welcomed.

“Nonononononononono!” She apparently had other ideas as to where to put the pie plates. Namely, the floor. It was a teachable moment, though, and after some admonishment, she said sorry and it didn’t happen again. Score one for mom!

By the time I had made it through the store, both of the kids were ready to go as it was time for lunch. It wasn’t the smoothest trip to the store I have taken, as there was some fussing, a little cooing, and lots of drool. But it was successful, with one minor exception. I forgot the pie crusts. Oops.


2 Responses to "A Quick Trip to the Grocery Store"

I always forget something at the store and it’s always one of the things I really need! I swore I would never take both kids to the store by myself but I do it all the time. Grocery shopping without them is a special little treat that rarely happens. I never would have imagined grocery shopping would be a treat! We’re finally getting to a point where we can get ready and out of the house in under an hour! It drove me nuts at first when we were always late because it took so much longer than it should have!

I remember one trip were took to the grocery store, where you and your brother were it the cart. I was just going to get a few things and ended up buying a lot more. You were in the back of the cart and I packed you in like a wrapped present! When I got to the checkout, I had to unload or should I say unbury you from the groceries! It was funny! Just one of those memories…..

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