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An Apple a Day (or 3 if you eat them right off the tree)

Posted on: September 22, 2008

This weekend has been packed with events in our neck of the woods. We attended a charity sponsored picnic for The Bean. She was born without her left hand, for those readers who may not know, and she benefits from a wonderful charity that provides myolectric arms and occupational therapy sessions for children like Beanie.

I have to admit–I was skeptical about attending the function. Although I wanted to support the charity and meet with representatives from the club, as well as show our gratitude to the therapist and prosthetists that so diligently work with her, it can be difficult and even frustrating to see others who have the same challenges. You see, every family has a story. And every child has her own special circumstances. It can be tough to compare, or rather, NOT to compare the experiences you hear of to those that surround your own child. In the beginning, we wondered, “Will she fight us? Will she want to wear it? Will it be too hard for her to operate?” And when I posed those questions to similar families in the months after her birth, I would inevitably hang up the phone in tears as I processed the conversations about the difficulties that some of the children faced.

Then, we found our charity. We found our answer. We found our hope.

Now, nearly a year and a half later, The Bean wears a myoelectric arm from morning until night, and she uses it well. She can do things that, at the time of her birth, I thought she would never be able to do. She amazes me every day. I could write a book about it. In fact, I already have. But I’ll save that for another day.

So we went to the picnic. And I am SO thankful we went. There were families from near and far, and many had special stories to share. I found some new resources, and I may even have the opportunity to raise awareness for Beanie’s program. Time will tell.

Then today, Ga Ga and Gumpa (as the Bean calls my parents) invited us to the apple orchard. We spent the day picking apples from the trees, taking a hay ride (twice as The Husband snuck on for a second go-around at The Bean’s request), and having fresh doughnuts and apple cider. The kids had a blast, and it was a great way to spend a fall day.

So tomorrow I will head to the grocery store to pick up a few items necessary for baking all things apples. If you are in the neighborhood, swing by and have a slice of pie!


1 Response to "An Apple a Day (or 3 if you eat them right off the tree)"

I am glad we went to the charity picnic. Those people are angels in disguise. They just loved Beany! I am sure they were just as amazed with you and your strengths and accomplishments. as they were with Beany!

The apple-picking was fun too! It was an annual event for our family when you and your brother were growing up. It was fun to see the Bean with all the applies! She was so excited saying “apple, apple, apple”. The little guy had fun being carried around (or should I say passed around)! My mission that day was to get a picture of them in the apple tree. I succeeded! I love THOSE pictures!

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