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Works for Me Wednesday

Posted on: September 17, 2008

Shannon, over at Rocks in My Dryer, hosts a wonderful carnival called Works for Me Wednesday. It’s a fabulous way for bloggers to post about a problem and share a solution they have found. You can find tips from simplifying laundry to brushing a toddler’s teeth! Check it out. There are some smart Bloggers out there who are typing furiously to ease the pains in your life. So today, I’ll throw out my solution to a problem that has previously plagued me for years!

How do you remember everyone’s birthday? Hopefully Of course you remember all of your immediate family birthdays. After all, you have grown up with your parents and siblings. Those are easy. I’m talking about those of friends, new and old. And now, likely, those friends have kids and you must remember those too. Don’t forget cousins, grandparents, and co-workers. It can get tricky!

Sure, some people write birth dates on their calendars, and at the end of each year, they spend a half hour or more transferring the old “must not forget” dates to the new calendar. Well, my friends, I have just saved you a half hour and a possible hand cramp! Read on!

Sure, it’s fun to look at the new calendars when they come out. Who doesn’t love pictures of mountains, roses, kittens, and little babies posing in flowers? (According to The Husband, though, the Anne Geddes kid pics are a bit strange and unsettling.) This year, though, instead of opting for the gigantic impersonal calendar, get yourself to Costco online and build your own. Put pics of your children or pets, or both, on the calendar with your theme of choice, choose the layout for each page, and press print!

Ok, so you can do this at a number of sites, but the Costco site has a great feature for birthday remembrance! It allows you to add text to special days. For instance, if your birthday is March 22, you can write, “My birthday! Presents please!!!” (Ok, maybe not that last part, lest you be accused of greed.) Anyway, you can put your birthday on the calendar and then (wait for it!!!!), you can put your picture on the date! So now when you put all the birthdays of the children you know on the calendar, you can have their pictures on the day too so that The Husband knows who the heck you are talking about when you head to the store to spend yet another $25.00 on a kid who he isn’t quite sure he knows!

Anyway, the miracle of this site continues! The following year, when you decide to make your next calendar, all of those dates are SAVED! It opens up and the birthdays are already there! The folks at Costco really do think of everything! (Yes, this is in opposition to my earlier post about my frustration with the store people that are making it hard to shop there now!)

So this year, save your money and make a cheap but personal calendar at Costco online. Build the birthdays in, and then send cards and gifts until your heart is content. The recipients will thank you for your thoughtfulness later, and you will too!

Oh, while you are adding birthdays, add mine to the list. March 22. Don’t forget!


2 Responses to "Works for Me Wednesday"

I love that idea. I did a calendar like that for my MIL last year for christmas (from Staples), and she absolutely loved it. She loves our Boxer, so I did themed photos of her for each month. Cute. 🙂

how many birthdays can you fit on each day?
we have a lot of multiples between the generations in our family. my husband and his nephew, my dad & my daughter and three of my cousins-in-law.

by the way March 22 is my birthday.


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