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What Goes Around, Comes Around

Posted on: September 12, 2008

Part of being a teacher is being exposed to new people.  Often, those new people bring their germs with them to the classroom, which is why I should not be surprised that The Husband came home with a cold after only four days of school.

Because The Bean and Bubby are both so little, we have close contact with them both.  And sure enough, The Bean woke up in the middle of the night a couple of days ago with cold symptoms.   She had a pretty rough 24 hours, but is starting to bounce back.

Somehow, Bubby has managed to evade the germs.  I’m still not sure, though, that is out of the woods.

Me?  I’m a mess.  Last night, by a miracle, the kids managed to sleep.  I was relieved, until I started to wake up every half hour because I was so congested I couldn’t breathe.  So bare with me as I recover and try to care for the little ones while sick.

And if you are in the neighborhood, drop off more Sudafed! 🙂


7 Responses to "What Goes Around, Comes Around"

I hope you get better soon! Colds are the worst. My hubby has one this week. But he’s making it out to be a lot worse than it is! Best wishes for a quick recovery (and lots of Sudafed!).

Get well soon!

Just a note from one old Mom to a young Mom, we use goofy juice for colds. Its actually guifenision(sp) look in the cough dept. its an expectorant but it breaks up the phlem and gets rid of it seemingly quickly in our family. It also does not seem to give the cold med. side effects like other things. I always buy the type that only has the expectorant in it and not other meds. Think musinex but the cough med is cheaper usually. Sorry but it is too much for the little ones yet but works well for the adults and older kids. Hope you all feel better soon.

I can remember those days! Wondering how you can make it through the night. Just watching the clock, tick, tick, tick…. as the time slowly passes. It is kind of appropriate to have a rainy day Saturday, stay in and read (or sleep)!

P.S. I love your blog!

Just read your blog. What does the word “blog” mean and where did it come from? Why are most things about the computer werid?

I could tell you horror stories about the cold and flu season from the 1960’s. Did you ever see a movie so terrible that when it’s over, you say over and over again, “It was only a movie.”?? Well, when I was in elemenatry school, the flu season was like that….except it wasn’t only movie. The horror of it all in a family with 11 people, was reality, what with waiting your “turn” to heave, vomit, puke and gag over and over and over and over and over and over again, usually about commencing at approximately 1am. You probably don’t know, but I do from my empirical judgment, that it takes approximately 5 weeks of constant heaving for the flu to go thru a family of 11? That’s about 35 nights of torment and horror. Such was the extent of that horror upon me, that my mantra became, “Never again shall I.” Mind over matter indeed, I have not vomited since December 23, 1968, a record Jerry Seinfeld could not rival. (Note: I am not counting the heaving and vomiting of 12-31-69 from Boones Farm Apple Wine — but if I did, that would be an equally impressive record.)


O Bloggerista, does your gift of the written word come from DeerPit, by chance? FYI, Boones Farm Strawberry Hill has the same effect, although I believe 1972 was the offending year.

Lest anyone think I am promoting evil spirits, I should add two true statements about the Boones Farm story: 1. I never drank it again. 2. One day a few years later, while nursing a hangover, I suddenly decided to completely quit all drinking forever, and haven’t had a drop since.

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