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Posted on: September 9, 2008

Looking for more children’s picture book recommendations?  Check out 5 Minutes for Books.  Add your own to the list and then come back and leave a comment here sharing your new book review!

So after a long day of playing, cleaning, changing diapers, giving baths, and feeding two small bundles of joy, I find that my job is not quite over until after we read stories. Sometimes, I read the story to The Bean (Bubby is asleep about an hour before her bedtime, which affords us the opportunity to give undivided attention to The Bean and to reading). Sometimes, The Husband reads to her. Often, though, she parks herself on the couch only after accumulating a pile of books within reach to pilfer through. Without fail, she grabs a few select books that are “must haves” before she is ready to jump up on the couch. Of course, that list includes Brown Bear and Goodnight Moon (which she adores although I find it eerily creepy).

Lately, though, that pile has expanded to include a new must-have title, I Took the Moon for a Walk by Carolyn Curtis and Alison Jay.

To browse this book or for info to order, check out Barefoot Books, a great resource for high-quality children’s books.

This book, about the presence of the moon on a beautiful summer night, captures The Bean’s attention with its rich illustrations and wonderful story.  She loves this story as the main character ventures out into the night for a walk and finds that the moon follows him like a kite without a string.  In addition to the fabulous pictures, the story is bound to help children see the beauty of a nighttime sky as it takes the fright out of the dark.

It’s a great addition to her pile of books and, unlike Goodnight Moon with the eerie rocking chair that, without fail, reminds me of a scene from Hitchcock’s Psycho, it makes the transition to bedtime comfortable and happy for any toddler. Head to your local library to check it out or, better yet, get a copy and give it to a scared toddler near you!  They will love it!


8 Responses to "Moonlighting"

Oh!!! Love it love it love it!!! In fact, there are a few books (and I think this is one of them) that Barefoot is releasing in a new lap-book format — similar to a board book, but in a much larger “lap-size.”

Glad you enjoy the book! We like that one, too! And I love this carnival — I’ll definitely be posting on next week’s Kids’ Pick one, too. very cool!

Another Brown Bear fan! I wrote about that on my blog today.

I had never thought about it, but I agree about the creepiness of Goodnight Moon!!

LOL on the Pyscho reference. That WOULD be disturbing.

Your recommended book, on the other hand, sounds quite cute.

We went through a Goodnight Moon phase. What’s up with the old lady? I guess we are to assume that she is the grandma, but it doesn’t really say. Totally creepy.
Delaney is currently a fan of Sandra Boynton. Every night we read The Going to Bed Book and Pajama Time. The simple drawings, predictable rhymes, and interesting rhythms have her begging to hear them again. And again. And again.

This is a fantastic website. I don’t have kids, but I do collect children’s books (must be the English major in me). What a great resource. My favorites are any of the David Shannon or Mo Willems books – the illustrations are wonderful.

My 3yo just loves the moon and books about it of course. We will have to add this one to our library list. Thanks for the review!

I heard The Bean singing and humming along in the car one day while she was looking at one of her many, many, many books. I finally figured out the tune…….it was none other than Brown Bear Brown Bear. Very cute and funny!

When she gets older, I’ll read her the entire Henry Gregor Felson series of books for young teens. Highly recommended.

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