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The Bloggerista 101

Posted on: September 4, 2008

My cousin over at Barefoot in High Heels and I talk frequently. And recently we both took the plunge into the Blogosphere. Lord knows we both have little time with two little children running, or crawling, around our homes. But somehow we are making time to write.  And we are finding time to chat. We talk about what blogs we read and we’re exploring this new universe together.

Months ago, she turned me on to Life With Three and I stumbled on her post entitled “100 Things About Me”. It was a fascinating list. If you have a moment, check it out.

So I wondered how long it would take to write a list like that, and how much one could actually learn from it. As it turns out, I learned a bit about myself in a very short amount of time and even giggled as I admitted things I didn’t realize I knew.

So check out the list at Life With Three and then read on here. And, if you are game, write your own. Come on, you know you love lists as much as I do.

1. I can be feisty at times.
2. Especially when it comes to my children.
3. I like things done when and how I do them.
4. I’m learning to let go (just a bit) of that one.
5. I marvel at the duality of parenting.
6. I can watch my kids and tears come to my eyes, and at the same time I just want a moment alone to hear myself breathe.
7. I have become crotchety.
8. Particularly when it comes to bass booming in cars passing by and people who don’t invest in mufflers.
9. And I hate fireworks set off by loony neighbors.
10. I sometimes think that I am “this close” to making it big.
11. Which is a silly thought because you have to work hard to make it big.
12. And I don’t have time for much else than diapers, feeding, laundry, and bathing two small kids.
13. I love the fact that The Bean sings wherever she is–in the car, while looking through books, while walking around the house.
14. I not-so-secretly hope that she does better than me in everything she endeavors.
15. I love babies, but can’t wait for Bubby to make it to toddlerhood.
16. Because, honestly, babies that are 13 months apart are hard on your body, and I don’t just mean the pregnancy.
17. Even so, I wouldn’t trade them for the world.
18. I’m super happy to be a young mom of two, and I’m happy with the life the husband and I have created.
19. Sometimes I want to freeze time.
20. I want to keep everyone like they are now–my babies, my parents, my husband and I.
21. But life seems to keep getting better, even though each day makes us one day older.
22. I had a rough year in 2007.
22. And it continued into 2008.
23. And actually, if I am being honest, it started in November of 2006.
24. I don’t know how many times I said that I just wanted to be a kid again, when I didn’t know how fragile life was and wasn’t scared to lose someone in it.
25. At the same time, life is so much more fulfilling because I know how lucky I am to have who I do in it.
26. I hated my gallbladder, and I’m glad it is gone.
27. I’m thankful for brilliant doctors and angry at terrible ones.
28. I love to read books to my kids in goofy, happy voices.
29. Sometimes I think that I could be a professional voice-over person (is that what they call them?) for animated movies.
30. I sometimes laugh at what I am typing.
31. I think I can be witty.
32. And so much more so in writing than in person.
33. I am not funny in person. Just ask my husband.
34. I am terrible at directions–not following them–but actual directions. Which way is east? I don’t know. Where is the mall? That, I can tell you.
35. I am awful at math.
36. Unless it comes to figuring out a discount at a store. I am a hardcore discount shopper.
37. I love words.
38. Which makes me kind of a dork by most people’s standards.
39. I love sleep.
40. I used to be a good sleeper until I had kids.
41. Now I wake with the sheets rustle or someone takes a big sigh.
42. I get irritated when I leave the bed to feed the baby, and my husband takes over the whole bed.
43. But I don’t like sleeping without him.
44. He’s my best friend.
45. And my mom is my best female friend.
46. Sometimes I wonder if people are lying when they call some friend their “best friend”.
47. Is it really possible to have that kind of connection with someone who isn’t close family?
48. I’m old fashioned.
49. I like chivalry.
50. But I believe it is dead. Long gone.
51. I like to go up north.
52. But I hate bugs. (See my Great Outdoors post if you really want to know!)
53. And I need a comfortable bed.
54. And a working bathroom.
55. So I guess I will never be a “roughing it” kind of chick.
56. I have had to pee twice outdoors in the woods.
57. I peed on myself and my clothes both times.
58. I’m just not meant to be outdoors.
59. I love the fall.
60. Sure, I love the temperatures and the smell of October.
61. But what I love most is fall clothes.
62. Everyone, and I mean everyone, looks better in fall clothes.
63. Red is my favorite color.
64. Black is a close second.
65. It’s slimming.
66. I only recently started to blog.
67. I’m not even sure why I started. It’s a mystery. Because really, who cares?
68. I do it because I can type faster than I write.
69. And I need ideas.
70. For that big book I want to write.
71. The one that crosses my mind every day.
72. The one that I hope can allow me to stay home forever and be my kids’ mom.
73. Because as much as I complain about explosive poop, thrown food, and projectile spit up, I love being with them.
74. I’m bummed that there aren’t more stay-at-home moms in my neighborhood or in my circle of friends.
75. My neighborhood is, apparently, not Wisteria Lane by any means.
76. I don’t miss my job. Not.one.bit.
77. I hate irrelevant stress.
78. Yes, some stress is relevant. It’s important. It matters.
79. But professional development meetings about kids wearing flip-flops in class do not.
80. I want my kids to be empathetic.
81. It bothered me when teaching that kids no longer have empathy.
82. Some of them are void of all imagination.
83. Which is why my kids will NOT be glued to a TV, or the computer, or their cell phones.
84. They will imagine. They will communicate. They won’t be all dark and angsty.
85. I know it takes work to make them great people.
86. And it is my mission.
87. I wish Americans valued education.
88. It makes me angry to see doctors who throw around whatever is floating through their heads without pause to evaluate how it will affect the patient.
89. I always felt bad to hear about missing or abused children.
90. Now I feel my heart breaking when I hear those stories.
91. I can’t even watch the news because it is too disturbing.
92. So I listen to music. A lot.
93. And I play the piano. But not nearly as much as I want to.
94. I love the Olympics.
95. I wish I was that good at something. Anything.
96. If I could pick one thing to be that good at, it would be being a mother.
97. I don’t know if we’ll have another baby.
98. I’m not good at not knowing things.
99. But I didn’t know The Bean and Bubby would be the people they are and come when they did.
100. And I’m super happy with who they are.
101. Guess I’m lucky.

There it is. Now it’s your turn. You know you want to.


6 Responses to "The Bloggerista 101"

Oh, this is funny funny stuff!!! I’ll do it. soon. or someday. or whenever I decide to stop surfing the net. But first I should probably babyproof this house, because sometimes I get distracted when I’m on the computer, and this baby girl thinks she’s ready to walk and crawls really fast to the outlets — only some of which we have covered. oh, poor poor second child syndrome!


I so enjoyed reading your list! I might just have to make one, although I can’t imagine coming up with too many things.

Your blog is great!! I love it.

Loved your list! It was so inspiring I made my own. 🙂 Glad I found your blog!

I love your list! Are you going to add on? I think I would. I laughed, I cried and read it again!

List Comments:

Your number 1….your first item? Yes, I agree.

Your number 4? You ain’t even close to letting anything go. What until their old enough that you gotta hold your tongue, lest you upset them?

Numbers 19 and 20? I specifically recall wanting that between and ages of 12 and 55.

Number 33? You can be (funny) in person….you just have to allow it…..do you Cartman imitation…that’s funny!!

Number 34: I am the opposite. I almost always know directions and which way north is. If I lose that sense at times, I feel ill at ease.

Number 44: I thought I was.

Number 46: They are not lying as they believe it to be true at the time. Later, they’ll be disappointed 9 out of 10 times.

51, 53 and 54 and 74: Me too.

Number 83: Oh, are you in for a big surprise!!

And finally, number 101: Me too.

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