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Posted on: August 28, 2008

Everyone has a nickname, right? And I don’t mean shortening your first name from, let’s say, Benjamin to Ben. I mean those nicknames that somehow came to you as a little kid, toddling around, or even earlier as an infant. You know, the ones that you dare not mention to friends because they defy explanation.

When we found out we were expecting our daughter, she became The Bean. After she was born, it evolved into a variety of nicknames…Beanhead, Beanface, Beans, and of course, Beanie. She actually answers to Beanie. And I should not have been surprised when we were in the grocery store and I was verbally going through my shopping list in my head. “Corn, potatoes, beans….” Then a sudden squeal! It took me a minute to realize that my little Beanhead was pointing to herself. Poor thing thinks she is a can of beans!

Then our little guy came along. He needed a nickname. For awhile, it was Buddy. Then somehow that was changed to Bubba. And then, just as quickly, it morphed into Bubby. And that one has stuck.

Someday, I will have to explain to them how those nicknames came to fruition.

In doing so, I may tell them about my own childhood nicknames. There’s the one that I remember most and that is almost acceptable to share with friends. Since I’m feeling generous, I’ll share it here. UB. Yep, UB. I’m not really sure how it evolved, and I believe I did ask my parents before. I don’t think there was any miraculous story behind it. It just was.

Then there’s the other, less-shall we say-flattering nickname.

Ready for it?

Poopie. Or, more specifically, poophead. Now, although I would like to believe there was some great story behind this poignant nickname, I believe it speaks for itself.

And now I have shared it with you. So, it’s your turn. What was your childhood nickname? Spill it!

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3 Responses to "Nicknames"

Hmmm . . . well, it’s not one I REMEMBER, but I’m told that as an infant I was often called . . . Buttface. Honest.

My nickname was Sweet Pea as a little girl. Popeye was a popular cartoon at the time and Sweet Pea was Olive Oyl’s baby, which by the way did not seem to have a father?!

Okay, to offer clarification, it was Peupey (french). Don’t ask me how or why but I can share this…….We were watching the Carol Burnett Show and there was a skit with Harvey Korman and an adorable character named Peupey. I think it was just how it was pronounced. Anyways, it stuck! That and U B, not UB (no explanation here). Each letter was pronounced separately. Of course, you had other adorable cute names too. You just remember these because of their uniqueness. Nowadays, I think a name like Wonderwoman is more appropriate!

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